Key Largo Fishing Charters Aboard the Dauntless!
Offshore dolphin fishing charters

 Updated September 2013

The tuna action is really hot in the Florida Keys. One of the best ways to catch them is to place your lines way back. When you think that they are far enough out, place them out an extra 30 yards. The lures should be small with 30 lb. fluorocarbon leader, best lures are small red and black feathers, billy baits, cedar plugs, black worms and small squid with a 1/16 oz sinker.

When you get a tuna keep the boat moving for multiple hook ups. Live bait with a small  hooks and light leader will also get the job done. Butter fly jigs are a new technique that has been proven successful, just drop your line deep and a raid jigging motion will do the trick. Braided line will be the secret to this technique.



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